RTI pyramid

Response To Intervention Program

  • Students that are not making academic progress or having behavior issues are often referred to the Response To Intervention (RTI) team.  The RTI team is composed of expert teachers, the school psychologist, and administrators.  This team helps teachers address the student’s needs.  Parents are encouraged to become involved in the process by attending the meetings and providing additional support at home. 

    The RtI System is:
                      1) A three tier model of school supports,
                      2) A problem solving method for decision making
                      3) An integrated data system that informs instruction and which results in all students and subgroups reaching annual AYP performance targets in reading, writing, and math.

    Student Strategies and Activities:
                • Local assessments in reading, math, and writing will be administered to all students in grades K-12 at a minimum of two times per year.
                • The RtI team and staff members will use scientifically based intervention strategies to remediate identified areas of concern in specific students.
                • The RtI team will regularly collect baseline data and progress monitor for identified tier 2 and tier 3 students.

    Parent Involvement and Activities:
                • The school administrators, RtI team, and classroom teachers will invite and encourage parents to attend RtI team meetings pertaining to their child so that parent input can be sought when interventions are discussed.
                • The RtI team will create informational flyers on the three tier RtI process that will be given to parents to communicate what the RtI process is and how it will work in the Wethersfield School District.
                • Parents will be notified of their special education evaluation rights at RtI meetings.