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Wethersfield Community Unit School District #230 is a public PreK-12 district that was formed in 1839. Wethersfield School District is located in Kewanee, Illinois, encompasses 44 square miles, and educates students who reside in the Wethersfield Township.

Wethersfield School District’s mascot is the “Flying Geese”.  The nickname was derived as a result of the long-ago history of the grounds where the current Wethersfield Campus now stands.  Many years ago, the current school grounds were covered with ponds of water.  Wild geese in their journey from North to South and vice versa, often stopped on these ponds.  Geese were so plentiful in Wethersfield and on the grounds where the current campus stands that it received the name of “Goose Island”.  As the grounds were eventually transformed into the Wethersfield School Campus, as a way to pay tribute to the former goose ponds, the Wethersfield school name and mascot, the “Flying Geese”, was formed

Wethersfield School District operates two schools plus the Unit Office.  Students in grades Pre-K through 6 attend Wethersfield Elementary School and students in grades 7-12 attend Wethersfield Junior/Senior High School.   The pride of Wethersfield is that our entire Pre-K through 12 campus is located on one city block.  Our staff members truly get to know and look after our students as they progress through our school system. The one city block layout of our campus creates a family-like atmosphere for our students, parents, staff, and community.  It is said that our students enter Pre-kindergarten through the north doors of our campus and 13 years later graduate through the south doors of our campus.  The family-like atmosphere as a result of our entire campus being on one city block helped create Wethersfield’s motto: “One Block, One Flock #WethersfieldSuccess”.   

Wethersfield School District serves approximately 600 students, ages 3 to 18. The staff includes over 40 certified teachers, 40 support staff, and 3 administrators. A majority of the certified staff have advanced degrees.

Special programs in the district include Character Education programs in our elementary, peer mentoring and tutoring programs, Digital Literacy, and one-to-one technology.  Wethersfield offers hands-on career prep vocational offerings in house and through our partnership with Black Hawk College in areas of Carpentry, Woodworking, Home Construction, Welding, Certified Nursing Assistant, Auto Mechanics, and Agriculture. Wethersfield also supports a pre-kindergarten program for 3 to 4 year olds. Special Education programs are offered at all levels, and our district houses three Life-skills classrooms for our special education consortium. Title 1 Reading and Math services are provided to elementary students.  Accelerated programs and dual credit courses are offered in the core content areas of Math, Science, Social Studies and English through our partnership with Black Hawk College. Art, music, and physical education are taught by certified specialists in all grades.  Wethersfield Junior/Senior High School's extra-curricular programs in music, scholastic, and athletics are known throughout the area and throughout the State of Illinois for their excellence.